Ring Size

Your Ring Size

Unique to each individual, your finger sizes on your left hand are different than your finger sizes on your right hand, your finger sizes will change across the day, they will respond to temperature, humidity, exercise, and age. Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, it should slide snuggly across the knuckle so that it will not fall off. There is always a difference between the size of your knuckle and the upper part of your finger where the ring will be seated, this is where individual uniqueness steps in and in most cases it will be the size of your knuckle that will determine the actual ring size.

Equipped now with background information this is how you can relay that information to us.

  1. Decide which hand and finger the ring is for
  2. Check if there is already a ring that is owned and fits the relevant hand and finger, note the width of the ring you wish to order ( a wider ring feels snugger on the finger and it is advisable to order a whole size larger than your normal ring size). From here you :

a) may already know your ring size

b) can pop into local jewellers and have your finger or the ring measured

c) can lay a ruler on a flat surface and place the ring over to measure the internal diameter in millimetres. Match the measurement to the conversion chart below to get the actual ring size. Please note this is the least accurate and least favoured method.  

The chart can be located here.