5 tips for Long Lasting Sterling Silver Jewellery

February 11, 2018

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Sterling Silver Care: 5 Tips for Long-Lasting Jewelry

Are you as obsessed with sterling silver? Its beautiful shine, incredibly versatile look, and just straight-up glamour? 

Whether you are a jewellery fan or just keeping up with the hottest trends, we are just as wild about these stunning accessories as you are. 

While buying beautiful jewellery is exciting, nothing ruins the mood more than lacklustre tarnish. Most of us dread the cleaning process, in fear that our jewellery is lost forever.

But, we are here to help! Sterling Silver care is easy, quick, and super convenient. You just need to know the right tricks.

1. Know the Digits 

We mean the sterling silver digits.

If they have a rating of .925, the material is sturdier and doesn't need as much cleaning. If it has a rating of .950, they will need constant polishing. All of Kawayee's Sterling Silver jewellery is .925 and will require a little less work to maintain than the silver you may have purchased elsewhere. 

If you are unsure or there is no label in view, check with the jeweller. We strongly advocate checking digits. It guarantees legitimate silver.

Remember, with proper knowledge and care of your jewellery, your piece can last a lifetime. It is best to be absolutely sure you are getting REAL products.

2. Silver hates Moisture

Pure water does not damage Sterling Silver. However, most of the water we use in our daily lives is not pure. Chemicals and contaminants in the water can result in tarnished or dull looking silver, so it is best to know what to do near water

  • Shower. It is not a great idea to shower with your jewellery on. If you do, just make sure to dry it after to reduce damage.
  • Swimming Pool. Take your silver off. Chlorine is a harsh chemical. If you accidentally forgot to remove your jewellery before jumping in, make sure to rinse and clean it afterwards. 
  • Hot Tub. It is the same as swimming pools, but the heat and more chlorine will accelerate the chemical reaction. 
  • Hot Springs. The sulfur in natural hot springs will wreak havoc on your silver. Avoid at ALL cost, unless you are going for the "dark oxidized" look.
  • Daily use:The chemicals in lotions and perfumes also cause your jewellery to tarnish. Apply them first and let them dry before putting your jewellery on. This can make a HUGE difference in your silver's lustre. 

3. Proper Storage

If you leave a fancy dress out in the rain, what happens? It gets dirty! The same principle applies to Sterling Silver care. You need proper storage for your stunning pieces. And, you also need to be diligent about maintenance. 

Air exposure can wreak havoc by tarnishing your delicate silver. Don't just leave it lying on your nightstand or in an open jewellery chest.

It's best to store silver in individual, air-tight bags, such as a Ziploc Bag. These types of bags keep air out and keep the shininess and brilliance of the jewellery.

Unhook the jewellery to avoid potential scratching. Do NOT throw several pieces in the same bag to save time or space. This creates tangling, scratching, tarnish, which is what we are trying to avoid here!

4. When To Take Off Your Jewellery

We know how much you love your gorgeous ring or bracelet. We also know it can be hard to take these babies on and off again and again. However, it is critical for its sparkle, and here's why.

Strong chemicals like sulfur, sweat, chlorine and harsh sunlight can tarnish and corrode the brilliant shine you love in your silver.

Don't take your chances. It is optimal to remove jewellery during the following times: 

  • Household chores or when using cleaning supplies
  • When exercising, at the gym or outdoors.
  • When showering or bathing 
  • Swimming, hot tubs, or saunas
  • Very hot places (such as when lying out at the beach or pool)
  • When getting ready (i.e: putting on lotion, makeup, hair products)
  • Preparing, cooking, or eating foods that contain sulfur (this includes eggs and mayonnaise). 

Preventative care is ALWAYS easier than aftercare

5. Polish It

Silver is very delicate. Despite our best efforts, it can still get dirty. Fortunately, sterling silver care can be as easy as a fast rubdown. 

To do this, just use a simple microfiber cloth or special jewellery cloth (not paper towels) to clean your goods. 

Focus on long up-and-down strokes to clean the silver. Use different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading any tarnish. Do not use circular motions as it will magnify small scratches and make the tarnish worse.

For more complex or tight, detailed areas, go in with a Q-tip. It will get into every nook and cranny you need. That is it! Easy.

Bonus: Make Your Own DIY Cleaner (Steps 2-4)



If you follow these recommended tips, sterling silver care is incredibly easy! These methods will help prolong the longevity and beauty of your necklaces or rings for years to come!

Be sure to check out our beautiful and timeless collections today! 

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June Siew

February 12, 2018

Wow! This really opened my eyes
I used to go in the swimming pool with my pendant on
I will remember to take it off the next time

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